Grazia say 海岸 is one of the 'Best Men'送给这位Chr的香水istmas'

by 托马斯·快船

托马斯·快船's 男士“海岸”香水 今天被推荐在格拉西亚(Grazia)作为本圣诞节礼物中最好的香水之一。


托马斯·快船 recommended in Grazia

The 文章 gives describes us as "一个创新的英国品牌,其一系列的须后水,豪华剃须用品和皮革制品正在风靡一时。" before going on to give a brief summary of 我们的科隆混合概念.

"They currently have 4 fragrance lines - 海岸, City, Country and Mountain and their USP is that they can all work with each other on the skin to create a unique blended scent. They call the range 'Unite.'" 

The featured fragrance in the top 20 is 海岸, or in their words... "A fine choice for gifting season would be 海岸."

Men's cologne 'Coast' from 托马斯·快船


In a nod to our full line, Grazia are also kind enough to say that "It's well worth checking out 托马斯·快船's other bathroom essentials and leather gifts."

托马斯·快船 bathroom essentials

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